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From The Archives - 90's Knits

Fast fashion today calls for bi-weekly seasons, with new trends being introduced to the hungry consumer everyday. Amongst the chaos of keeping up with what's cool and getting rid of what's not, it's important to know that some pieces in your wardrobe will be forever.

With the resurgence of vintage fashion trends from every era, Surf Line Hawaii brings you unisex 90s Knits straight out of The Archives. These 100% cotton Original Jams sweaters kept the neon colors and exercise-chic trend of the 80s alive into the 90s. It's safe to say these babies are timeless.

Style it with a pair of high top sneakers or particularly chunky athletic shoes for a head-to-toe 90s athleisure look. Visors, fanny packs, and scrunchies fit the part.

Mason and Dixie Rose show us how to throw it on over your swimwear for a casual and fun beach vibe. Twinning is in, if you didn't know.

The creative duo throw their sweaters on for a coffee at ARVO. Dixie accessorizes with cat-eye sunnies for a casual-chic look, while Mason gives us a taste of Fresh Prince with a checkered cap flipped up.

These 90s knits encourage you to be colorful, different, and always have fun with fashion. Pick your favorite color and make it you.



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