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From The Archives - SIXTY FOUR Boardshort Collection

The SIXTY FOUR Boardshort Collection breathes life into original art from the '60s. The archival print, "Flower Box" tributes Surf Line Hawaii heritage, offering an authentic, vintage aloha feel.
The art design resembles Kapa (Native Hawaiian cloth) patterns, and the iconic Tradewinds Flower, hand drawn by the founder, Dave Rochlen, is an expression of company history.
The color ways are inspired by the untouched, natural environment found on Molokai, one of the most serene islands among the Hawaiian Archipelago.
Lo'i Green, named after the taro patches found in the lush Hawaiian valleys.
Halawa Red named after the rural valley, full of sacred energy. 
Wailau Blue, inspired by the deep blue ocean and breath taking waterfalls found along the back side of the Island. 
The red and yellow color way, Ali'i, refers to the colors worn by Native Hawaiian Royalty. 
The Contemporary style features a shorter cut for a modern look. Solid colors offer a minimal aesthetic, with a touch of vintage detail in the printed waist band and side seem. 
The Classic style is a canvas for the original '60s print in different color ways. This cut achieves comfort and functionality to meet every waterman's needs, with three more inches added to the length.
The SIXTY FOUR Collection is available exclusively at Surf Line Hawaii in International Market Place in Waikiki, Jams World at Ala Moana Center, and surflinehawaii.com.

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