HIStory - Celebrating the Father of our Surf Line Hawaii Family


This Father's Day, Surf Line Hawaii celebrates Dave Rochlen, the Father of the Surf Line Hawaii family. After moving from California to Hawaii for his love of the ocean, Mr. Rochlen established a surf shop in Honolulu that would soon become much more. 

Dave on Beach

Rochlen created a lifestyle brand that reflected his love for the ocean. He made clothes that fit the free spirited, colorful beach lifestyle he loved. The ocean was his office.

Family at Sandy's

Dave shared this love for the ocean with his family. He fell in love with Keanuenue, a Hawaiian surfer girl from Waikiki, and together raised five children. The ocean was their playground and their greatest teacher. 

Mr. Rochlen is remembered as much more than a businessman. He was a philosopher, an artist, many would say a genius, and most importantly a father. His legacy is kept alive today as his son, Pua Rochlen, continues to tell his great stories as President of the company while raising his own five kids in the ocean.

Dave Rochlen is an idol to many for the way he lived his life, always embracing color, freedom, difference and love.  


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